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Springboard Delivery is a cloud-based service for vehicle routing and tracking.  It comes with a driver mobile app, which includes proof-of-delivery (POD) capture.  Built with small-to-medium sized fleets in mind, the service aims to:

  • Reduce transport costs with automated route optimisation
  • Reduce the time spent planning routes
  • Reduce delivery address errors via built-in address geo-coding
  • Enable fully electronic proof-of-delivery records
  • Track vehicles and drivers in real time

The central concept in Springboard Delivery is that of a route, a group of orders, each encapsulating either a delivery or a collection.  These are supported by management records for:

  • Areas
  • Depots
  • Users
  • Vehicles

Finally, there are a number of settings to fine-tune the service for the needs of each organisation.

It is also possible to use Springboard Delivery without defining routes and orders in advance, to simply collect POD records.

Organisation admins and planners typically spend most of their time in the browser-based Springboard Delivery Hub.  Drivers typically use the mobile app.


Springboard Delivery comes with two types of licence.

Licence TypeDescription
  • Fully featured single-user organisation
  • No routes
  • Orders created only as POD's are collected
  • Multi-user organisation
  • Web API for integration with external systems and services

Contact us to request a Premium licence quote.

Get Started and Learn

  • Getting Started - Create your Springboard Delivery account and start to use the service straight away.
  • Concepts - Learn about the concepts on which the service is built.
  • Hub User Interface - Learn about the browser interface, which is used for administration, management and route planning.
  • Mobile App - Learn about the mobile app for drivers.
  • Hub API - Learn about integration with other systems.
  • Training - Materials to get you started if you are going to deliver user training.
  • Release Notes - Learn about the new features of each new release.  This is useful for the evaluation of new features as you prepare for an upgrade.


Springboard Delivery Premium customers can request assistance through the Springboard Delivery Service Desk.  Request registration from your account manager - please use the email address you use to log in to Springboard Delivery.

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